Thursday, December 24, 2009

oh my gosh... where did 2009 go??

Ha ha ha! This year has just FLOWN BY! :-) I can't believe that in less than a month my baby girl will be THREE years old! eek how time flies!

I know i'm always saying i'm too busy to update this thing, and you probably think i'm just making it up, right? lol! Here's a little sample of all we've had going on since July:

We've moved all of our belongings up here to the farm and somehow found a place to store them :-), tore off the falling in roof of a small block building up here on the farm, repaired the blocks where needed, added new windows to that building, built a new roof and porch for that building and worked on repairing the floor. (that little buidling will eventually be josh's office so he can work from home)

I pulled off the siding of one of the collapsing outbuildings up here to de-nail and recycle that siding for use on a woodshed, cleaned out that building while i was at it (that took 3 days by itself!)and whatever was salvageable from the stuff i cleaned out i had to find a place to put it too. ha ha ha! And Oh my gosh.. you should have seen the huge amounts of termites!! I was LITERALLY running from them, there were so many of them, it reminded me of a scene from the movie 'The Mummy' eek! and bugs don't usually scare me!... don't worry, i ran back at them with lots of termite spray.. take that ya darn bugs!! lol!! Luckily, they weren't a fan of whatever the outbuilding siding was made of, and just some of the framing boards. so Nearly everything was usable! hallelujah!
Then We've built a 8 x 16 x 8ft high woodshed, roofed and painted that and have been busy cutting and chopping wood to fill that up, since our only heat source is the wood stove. Also, painted the gable of mom's cabin, patched the garage roof, got rid of a literal ton of old tires left from the previous owner, collected and got rid of 3 sixteen foot long flatbed trailer loads of junk to either the dump or the scrapyard. fixed a water line leak. and baked about 70 loaves of zucchini, pumpkin, apple, and rhubarb/strawberry breads for christmas! WHEW! I'm tired just recounting all that..

believe me now? ha ha ha! seriously though!I absolutely LOVEEE every minute of it, Green acres is totally the place for me! We hope to have some chickens of our own next spring and I can't wait to get planting next years garden too! woohoo! We are enjoying the 14 inches of snow we had last saturday! sooo beautiful! HERE IS A PHOTO ALBUM from Joanna's first snow day out in it! she had a BLAST!!! she bawled and bawled when we decided to bring her in because her gloves and pants had soaked through with icy water! ha ha ha! she quickly recovered though when i gave her some cookies and hot chocolate! ha ha! Joanna has been loving all the wonderful decorating for christmas and I hope to get some video of Joanna to post here soon too! *fingers crossed* maybe later tonight I'll get that done! :-)


Sherah, Josh and Joanna :-)

The Song of the Angels:
"Glory to God in the highest
and on earth, Peace."

~ Luke 2:14

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